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Hey! I'm Tomasz!

And I’m really passionate about growing my Wedding Photography Business. Started only 5 years ago, I have managed to establish myself on a higher end of the market pretty quickly. I have shot a lot of Weddings. That helped me to build a huge experience in day to day tasks like Marketing, optimising my editing and file handling workflow, Lightroom, SEO and many other aspects of running my business.

Last year, I have run a number of Live Webinars about Advanced Lightroom Editing and my Organisation Workflow. Selling more than 300 tickets was a great success, but more importantly, the feedback was amazing. I helped so many people to speed up their workflow, organise their files and explain how to nail your Lightroom Editing.

In 2017 I have also established an Islanders Brand. Islanders is more than just an awesome Conference happening annually in Ireland. It’s also an amazing community of Photographers and Videographers, that all are willing to share their knowledge and experience. I’m super proud, that with my marketing skills, I was able to get this project off the ground.

I’m super honoured to see that you are interested in bringing your business to a next level! I love to help community and I believe my knowledge can help you to become an even better Photographer that manages your business  even more effectively.


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Ultimate Lightroom Workflow

"One of the best tutorials about matching your colours across the entire Wedding Set"

Long awaited Webinar is here!

Last Year, I have hosted a Webinar where I explained my process of using One preset across the entire Wedding Photos Set and how to match it precisely, regardless of light conditions. I'm super excited to confirm that an even better, even more detailed Webinar is live now!

Colour Consistency

File Management

LR Speed Optimalisation

Culling (whaaaaat?!)

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Not Just Photographs

I was completely sure that this is what I offer to my Wedding couples. However, from the feedback from my clients, I have picked up what does it really matter to them, and what can I do for them, so they have an amazing experience on the day. I have figured out my process was broken, and I was focusing on wrong things while running my business or shooting Weddings. Learning from my mistakes, but also from the feedback from my couples, I have come up with a game changing plan to bring my business to a next level.

I have originally presented this Webinar at a Workshop in London couple of years ago. It turned out to be the favourite speech from the entire event.

I have decided to pack it and deliver it to you, so you can start to implement all my ideas into your business. No fluff. Just an actionable advices to bring your business to a next level.

Product vs Experience
How our couples see us, what is important to them
My entire communication process with my couples
Creating an outstanding Experience so your couples are raving about You!
Tips & Tricks to make it an enjoyable process
What should you REALLY pay attention to when shooting a Wedding
All my ideas will bring you a lot of new business, as it did for me, via word of mouth

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Signature Preset

The number one question I get from fellow Photographers: “What preset are you using?” I would love to know that myself! Since I started to shoot Weddings, I always wanted my images to have warm, brown tones (that was before the whole hype for brown images came into play!). Finding the right preset, that would work on pretty much every image, under every light condition was a challenge.

After many trails and errors, I have finally managed to come up with my very own preset that does the job precisely as I want! But hey, preset is one thing, how you shoot, how you expose and how you use it in Lightroom is a whole new game! That is why, you not only going to get my preset but also a tutorial on how I use it to make my images look as they look!

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GDPR Ready

GDPR? I’m sure you heard it so many times in the last few weeks. So many heated discussions, so many contradictory information, you are not sure what to do. I have decided to be pro active and went to meet with a Commercial Law Solicitor, that would tell me EXACTLY what do I suppose to do.

You are going to get my own Contract that I use for signing with my new Wedding Clients. Contract is checked and approved by a solicitor and is GDPR complaint. You will also receive a basic Privacy Policy that was compiled by a solicitor.

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Free Webinars

I have put together 3 free webinars that will help you with day to day operations.

First one will help you to find out if your booking process is right. I will explain the quick process to establish where you are with your bookings and if it’s the right time to raise your prices.

I will also touch on setting up a CDN for FREE so your website gets a nice speed boost.

Lastly, I will touch on a tiny app that saved me hours in the office.

4 Simple steps

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Setup CDN

Speed up your Website!

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Get faster at replying to emails!

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