Ultimate Lightroom Workflow

Colour Consistency

is that possible?

Let me show you how to do it!

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Lightroom. One of the most powerful editing tools for Wedding Photographers.  Our entire work is so dependant on it on a daily basis.

Matching colours across the Wedding Set under different lighting conditions is the single most difficult task in our Editing Workflow.

What if I told you, you can easily match colours across an entire Wedding Set? All you need to do is understand some basic concepts.

Hey! I'm Tomasz!

And I’m really passionate about growing my Wedding Photography Business. Started only 5 years ago, I have managed to establish myself on a higher end of the market pretty quickly. I have shot a lot of Weddings. That helped me to build a huge experience in day to day tasks like Marketing, optimising my editing and file handling workflow, Lightroom, SEO and many other aspects of running my business.

Last year, I have run a Live Webinar about Advanced Lightroom Editing, File Management and Colour Consistency. It turned out to be a very difficult task for more than 150 Photographers that signed up for the course. As that webinar is not available for viewing anymore, I was getting so many requests to create a new, updated version. And so it comes!


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Shooting high amount of Weddings over the last few years has forced me to cut the corners and find the shortcuts into effective, fast and enjoyable editing workflow. I have made many mistakes. I used tools or techniques that were sluggish or ineffective. I have carefully analysed each step of processing Wedding images. I'm super excited about putting all that knowledge together into this Ultimate Lightroom Editing Webinar for Wedding Photographers.

The only advanced course for Lightroom you will ever need.

What is included

in this Webinar?

Only necessary knowledge!

Colour Consistency

I will share my knowledge and experience to help You match the colours in your photographs across the entire Wedding Set, regardless of presets or light conditions! All you need is to understand some basic concepts, colour theory and fine tune your eye to the most important elements that we pay the most attention to in our photographs!

Lightroom Workflow

I will dive into all the aspects of my editing workflow. I will share my tips and tricks that help me to cull 4000 photographs in around 90 minutes and how I edit 800 selected images in about 4 hours max. Using one preset across the entire set.

Speed Optimalisation

I will explain everything that you need to do to speed up your Lightroom so the entire editing process is fun again!

File Management

Complete file management, backup and archives workflow! Bulletproof system for storing your RAW files!

Culling Images

Image selection in Lightroom? I will show you a way to make culling of your images in LR the fastest way out there!

Extra Plugins

I will talk over two simple plugins that has simplified and sped up my entire editing workflow!


I just watched your webinar. You gave me the answers to all my struggle. It is very very valuable for your advice about image consistency. I know where to start and for what pay attention during my editing 🙂 Thank you so much. Looking forward your next webinars.Damian

The webinar is good and gave me a lot of answered questions that I was looking for. I am starting off quickly and trying to do a lot of time management and I felt that biggest risk to fail to be consistent in the workflow. This webinar gave me clear visibility of how I should build my workflow to strive towards efficiency and be better at time-management.Arthur

Long Awaited Webinar is here!

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