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Length: 48.16 minutes

In this Webinar I will explain you my entire process of building a great experience for your couples. As we might think we sell photographs to our brides and grooms, I’m going to explain why it’s not the case, and then break down my process, so you can implement it in your business straight away. I will share a lot of tips and tricks on how to make each Wedding Day a great experience for yourself and your couples, but also explain the entire communication process from the initial enquiry to ordering an album.

Do you believe you sell photographs?

I was completely sure that this is what I offer to my Wedding couples. However, from the feedback from my clients, I have picked up what does it really matter to them, and what can I do for them, so they have an amazing experience on the day. I have figured out my process was broken, and I was focusing on wrong things while running my business or shooting Weddings. Learning from my mistakes, but also from the feedback from my couples, I have come up with a game changing plan to bring my business to a next level.

Do you feel you are not delivering a WOW factor to your couples?

You take beautiful photographs. You are super creative, sensitive to light, you see the World differently. Yet your couples are not ‘over the moon’, instead, you receive this awful feedback ‘photos are lovely’. Did you really fail? What if I told you it’s not the photographs that are the problem? There is something more important, that you should focus on in your business right now in order to deliver an amazing experience to your couples.

What will you get from this Webinar?

I have originally presented this Webinar at a Workshop in London couple of years ago. It turned out to be the favourite speech from the entire event. I have decided to pack it and deliver it to you, so you can start to implement all my ideas into your business. No fluff. Just an actionable advices to bring your business to a next level. Content that will help you to bring more work to your business, get better feedback from your clients and work with people that you really love to.


Product vs Experience

How our couples see us

What is important to them

My entire communication process with my leads / couples

Creating an outstanding Experience so your couples are raving about You!

Tips & Tricks to make it an enjoyable process

What should you REALLY pay attention to when shooting a Wedding

All my ideas will bring you a lot of new business, as it did for me, via word of mouth